Right2Change: ‘Town Hall’ consultation meetings set to start next week on September 21st

The trade unions affiliated to the Right2Water campaign will be holding a series of ‘town hall’ meetings to discuss the policy principles which should underpin a future progressive government.  

The Policy Principles were first presented in draft form to a May Day conference organised by the Right2Water unions, which was followed by a consultation process culminating in a conference on June 13th which amended and adopted those principles. The document emerging from that process, addressing a range of areas, including housing, health, education and water, is available for download here.

The Policy Principles underpin the Right2Change campaign which is seeking to win public and political support for what spokesperson Brendan Ogle termed “a fundamental change in the way we view our economy and our society”.

“These Policy Principles are merely a starting point.  That is why, in the coming weeks, we will be organising ‘town hall’ meetings throughout the country to continue the process of consultation started on May Day”, Brendan Ogle said.

The unions have published a fiscal framework which could allow a progressive government to increase spending by more than €9 billion over the next four years allowing a future government to tackle some of the biggest crisis' in the State.

Right2Water and Right2Change are encouraging everybody to come along and engage as we all endeavor to make Ireland a better, fairer country.

Flyers for the events are available by clicking the links below:


21 September – 7:30pm, Red Cow Inn, Naas Rd, Dublin 22

21 September – 7:30pm, Clarion Hotel, Limerick

22 September – 7:30pm, Brandon Hotel, Tralee, Co. Kerry

22 September – 7:30pm, Hilton Hotel, Northern Cross, Dublin 17

22 September – 7:30pm, Clarion Hotel, Sligo

23 September – 7:30pm, St Gerard's Hall, Dundalk, Co. Louth

23 September – 7:30pm, Radisson Hotel, Letterkenny, Donegal

The policy areas identified include:

  • Right2Water;
  • Right2Democratic Reform;
  • Right2Jobs and Decent Work;
  • Right2Health;
  • Right2Housing;
  • Right2Education;
  • Right2Debt Justice;
  • Right2Equality;
  • Right2National Resources;
  • Right2Sustainable Environment.

Download Flyers for your area

 Right2Change Red Cow.pdf

 Right2Change Dublin17.pdf

 Right2Change Dundalk.pdf

 Right2Change Letterkenny.pdf

 Right2Change Limerick.pdf

 Right2Change Sligo.pdf

 Right2Change Tralee.pdf