Right2Water Unions to host meeting of political representatives

The Right2Water Trade Unions are hosting a meeting of the political pillar of the campaign – including Sinn Fein, Anti-Austerity Alliance, People Before Profit Alliance, Independent representatives and many other groups – to establish whether a common platform can be found ahead of the next general election.

The meeting will take place next Friday, 16th October 2015 in Unite the Union’s offices on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1 at 2pm.

“The Right2Water campaign has been the biggest mass mobilisation in the history of the country and has arrived at a time when inequality in Ireland has reached historic and unsustainable levels. This inequality has been brought about through decades of poor government, a poorly functioning Parliament, political failures and broken promises,” said the Right2Water Coordinators Brendan Ogle and David Gibney in their invitation to political representatives.

“We believe there is a hunger among Irish voters for a more egalitarian Republic based on the principles of equality, democracy and social justice. In order for this to be achieved, an historic level of unity and cohesion is now required. We firmly believe that the Irish people have a right to a fairer and more decent society, but in order to vindicate that right, we need our public representatives to work together for the benefit of all of the people on this island,” said Mr Ogle and Mr Gibney.

The Right2Water Trade Unions founded the Right2Change campaign based on ten basic rights that Irish people should have but are currently not afforded. The Right2Change policy principles – which were established in conjunction with political parties, trade union members and community groups from across Ireland – should form the basis of any future progressive government.

The unions have offered to mediate in relation to the political element within Right2Water reaching a common platform.