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'More than a party - A MOVEMENT'

'More than a change - A TRANSFORMATION'

'More than a country - A NATION, (MAYBE EVEN A REAL REPUBLIC)'

A new 'MOVEMENT4CHANGE' is to be formed and formalised over the coming weeks.

Arising from the success of achieving the (temporary) abolition of domestic water charges and the mass movement that achieved this the time to build for real and lasting change is now.

In addition to water we as citizens have massive issues and needs in housing, healthcare, education, tax injustice, national resources, constitutional reform, a broken democracy and media, and our environment to name a few.

The democratically arrived at Right2Change policy principles point the way to a better nation for us and for future generations. They are just the beginning.

But without formalised structure we will only achieve so much. The time to build is now.

In the coming weeks a website and social media platforms will be launched.

Education is already available in your community through Trademark.

The media is broken and is damaging democracy and subverting the national conversation. Over the Summer you, the public, will be asked to help build a new co-operative daily media outlet.

A major conference will also be held during the Summer where members of the new movement will be asked to build their own democratic structures, campaigns and activities. This will be your movement if you want to build it.

As with Right2Water, Trade Union facilitation and support will be available.

We have not elected a 'Government' in this country since 1987 with the coalition era providing space for dishonesty by all political parties in deliberately putting forward manifestos during an election that they know they would resile from days later if entering Government. Labour were a particularly bad example in 2011 and Fianna Fáil have lived up to their reputation in recent days. Their behaviour has debased our democracy and our parliament.

It is now time for people who can come together to support the Right2Change Policy Platform to build their own coalition for change in their homes, their communities, their unions and their parties where applicable.

If you want real and lasting change, if you support the Right2Change policy platform, and if you want to build a democracy which casts both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael into opposition at last this is the movement for you.

So spread the word and get ready to build real and permanent change.


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