National Register to Vote Week begins on Monday, 19th October

The Right2Change campaign is calling on all activists across Ireland to mobilise for National Register to Vote Week from Monday, 19th October 2015.

There were almost 66,000 new registered voters ahead of the marriage equality referendum and the increased number is credited with delivering a significant victory for the Yes campaign.

The Right2Change campaign believes this can be replicated as we move closer to the next general election.

The reason working class communities are regularly targeted for austerity and cuts is partly because they have a lower voter turn out rate in elections.

For instance, in Dublin, parts of Sandymount and Donnybrook have turnout rates of 87%, while parts of Finglas have turnout rates of 37%. It’s not difficult to see who politicians think are the easy targets.

Also, Ireland’s young voter turnout is among the worst in Europe and this is one of the reasons why young people have had social welfare cuts imposed on them forcing many to emigrate. It’s important that young people are registered and have their say at the next election.

From Monday, 19th October we’re urging all local activists from community groups, trade unions and political parties to help register members of the public to vote.

Right2Change can provide voter registration packs for local groups including flyers, registration forms and posters. If you would like a pack sent to you, please email us at

Some proposals for events that can be hosted include:

  • Set up a stall outside your local shopping centre;
  • Go door to door in your local area with registration forms;
  • Host a voter registration evening discussion;
  • Put up posters and deliver flyers in your area;
  • Set up a table for registration in your local community centre or sports club.

Individuals can take action now!

If you are willing to volunteer your time assisting people with literacy problems to register, please contact Right2Change.

It’s your country - it's your voice – it’s your vote – it’s your future!

Please "join", share and invite all of your friends to like the Facebook event page for National Register to Vote Week.

Download a flyer below:

PDF iconVoter Registration Week Flyer.pdf